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day 80/365: medical mystery tour continues.

i realize the past two days have been devoted to pictures of food, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately. i was diagnosed with an ulcer, then a potentially failing gall bladder, then an ulcer again. given lots of medication, changing medication, going off medication, going back on medication…baah.

today i had my first endoscopy, which turned out to not be scary at all! however, they didn’t find an ulcer. they biopsied a suspicious-looking stomach, however, and we’ll get the results in 5-7 days (ugh!). they’re thinking possibly celiac disease (in short, gluton would be toxic and would have to be avoided). whatever the case, i can’t wait for the medical mystery tour to be over.

thank goodness that, for several reasons, i blocked out a two week period of down time before all of the weddings start. once that hits, it’s weddings all the time until the end of fall, so thankfully this is getting taken care of before that starts. it has taken a lot of time away from other things that i wanted to be doing during this period, but oh well.

in good GOOD news though, we’re redesigning the site this week!!! man it is going to look sweet. same basic principals, but we’re sprucing it up a little bit and making some color changes… stay tuned! we’re also going to be making the blog pictures a little bigger and redoing the watermark. all fun stuff.


will i be able to eat you in the future, sweet sweet gluten-y cookie?

why 365?


    Nothing Betsy

    Celiac disease isn’t such a bad thing! Lots of places offer gluten free foods, and regular grocery stores cell gluten free stuff now, too.

    Nothing carolyn

    Yeah, the more I read about it the more it seems like it’s a good thing to avoid even if you don’t have the disease! I am already very allergic to wheat but eat it anyway, so I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s celiac. Can’t wait until I start feeling better though!


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