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day 69/365: coheed and cambria.

our socks were completely rocked off yesterday at the fillmore in charlotte, nc (sweet venue, btw). it was the first night of coheed’s year of the black rainbow tour and it was absolutely amazing. words can’t describe. they’re amazing live and claudio’s hair is even better in person.

being 4’11 makes it incredibly hard to see at shows, but i was pretty close and, when not shielding my face from the elbow of the guy constantly fist-pumping next to me, i got some pretty awesome shots. no professional cameras allowed, but my canon s2is did pretty well!

thank you, coheed, for putting on an amazing show and allowing me to accomplish one of my life goals: seeing you in person! oh, and geoff got an autograph too which is pretty sweet (note the hidden jealousy). ;)

the fillmore the fillmore

the most badass roadie guy in the world is pictured below. everyone loved this guy. props to you, mr. roadie. here’s your “i’m an awesome roadie” dramatic silhouette portrait.

coheed and cambria

we were super close to travis. he played some mean guitar as usual. awesome!

coheed and cambria

every once in a while i’d get brief glimpses of hair and awesomeness through the two giant guys standing directly in front of me:

coheed and cambria coheed and cambria coheed and cambria

after a while i started to feel like i was going to pass out due to the heat, so i moved out of the pit and back into the general population and got some shots from the back.

coheed and cambria

michael kind of looking like he’s going to get attacked by a zombie…

coheed and cambria

coheed and cambriaso so so so so awesome…

why 365?

(p.s. yes, i know this technically violates the 365 rule as these photos were taken yesterday, but i had to cheat because i slept most of the day due to driving back from charlotte at 3:30am)


    Nothing chissy n

    amazing pictures! can’t wait to see them live myself–year of the black rainbow has been on repeat


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