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Raleigh Pet Photographer: Gracie+Gigi

You’ll see a lot of pets coming up on the blog. :) I’ve always wanted to get more heavily into pet photography, and with the help of clients past, present, and future, we arranged a bunch of mini pet portrait sessions for this spring with some adorable dogs and cats!

Meet Gracie+Gigi: the dogs of my very first wedding clients (who are two of the kindest and hilarious individuals I’ve ever met). Gracie is a Miniature Schnauzer (the larger, grey one) who enjoys being the protective older sister, treats, and being very well behaved. Gigi is a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix who likes following her mom around, being spoiled absolutely rotten, and dressing up in a bikini.

I knew this was going to be a great session when I was finalizing dates and times with Julie, their mom, and her first question was: “What should they wear?” ;)

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The below picture is 100% candid, and pretty much captures the hilarity of the household. I do believe Julie was criticizing Gigi for being spoiled and unappreciative of her array of toys as she stands there in a dress with a little bow in her hair. Oh, Gigi.

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Stay tuned for more Raleigh pets! :)


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