I blogged his owner’s engagement session yesterday, so now it’s Clive’s turn! :) Sarah and Jimmy got Clive in October, and he’s been getting big fast. They had been following my pet sessions and wanted to book him one after their engagement as well as get some “family portraits” with Clive, and I was happy to! Clive is a black lab mix who enjoys his green rubber stick, his green rubber ball, and getting his belly rubbed. Although he hasn’t gone hiking or swimming yet, I imagine he’s going to go on a lot of outdoor adventures this spring and summer now that he’s a little older and the weather is nice. :)

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Clive is a sweetie pie. “Want me to turn my head a little like this?” :)

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Look at that face! Clive is a fun-loving goofball. :)

pet photographer dog portraits black lab mix

“I’m getting a little tired and am just going to lean against your leg like this, okay? Okay.”

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Clive decided he wanted to get some Doggy GQ shots in and voluntarily cross his paws and was looking very majestic. We love you, Clive! It was an honor to be your doggy photographer!

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Prepare for two really cute two sessions in one! :) A wonderful woman named Melanie called me a couple weeks ago to set up a portrait session for her 11-month old son, Gregory, and her two dogs, Kuma and Bella. Therefore, this is half toddler-portrait-session and half dog-portrait-session… the best of both ridiculously cute and cuddly worlds! :)

We’ll start with Gregory first! Gregory, who is such a photogenic toddler and lover of the camera despite his cold at the time, is the happiest toddler in the world. He didn’t cry or get upset once, even when he was tired! He laughed and smiled the entire time. Even when he finally did get tired, he just sort of rubbed his eyes and looked like, “Uuuggghh… so tired… but I must… keep… posing…”. He’s clearly a baby modeling natural! I loved this little fella!

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This is Gregory’s “Blue Steel” face… all CSP clients have one, even the babies.

toddler portrait toddler photography toddler portraits

And enter Bella! Bella is a large (very large) black and furry dog of unknown origin. She is a total sweetheart (her patience exhibited below) and Gregory just loves her.

baby and dog portraits

Bella and Gregory get along. Kuma, ehhh, not so much. :) Kuma gets along with Bella, but not really with kids. She just does her own thing being A REALLY CUTE (but tiny) dog that looks like you took a Husky and shrunk them down with a shrink-ray and made a pocket sized version (technically called the Shiba Inu breed). Look at that face!

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Enter Gregory+Kuma+Bella’s incredibly kind and beautiful parents, Melanie and Mark! Melanie is a software architect and Mark is a lawyer, and combined their children will be very smart and professional! Look at Gregory’s face below… he knows how to work it for the camera. :)

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Look at this little dog! Ohhh, Kuma, I just want to give you lots of hugs but you kinda just do your own thing by yourself and I respect that.

Raleigh dog photographer

So Bella originally was supposed to be 40 pounds full grown, but she obviously became much much bigger. No one is sure of her breed… all we know is that she’s very soft, furry, and giant. But she is so cute! I love her ears. She can look pretty wolf-ish sometimes and is just adorable!

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I had a great time on this shoot and it was a pleasure getting to know and work with this beautiful family! :)

Meet the little (and soon-to-be famous, I’m sure) dog models Brewser and Scarlett McLean, furry children of the wonderful Raleigh wedding planner, Erin McLean. :) Brewser, a Yorkie Poo, enjoys treats, chasing his sister around the yard, and not having to dress up for pictures. Scarlett, a Toy Poodle, likes wearing a dress, being spoiled, and staying indoors when it rains. Together they were very good on their photo shoot, posing in what they thought was a very sophisticated manner and trying not to make Erin run all over the place. ;)

Little Brewser, although impossibly tiny, is 8 years old and is a very sweet little guy about a third the size of my cat. Scarlett is a newer member of the McLean household and had a sad background story as a rescue from a puppy mill, but is now doing wonderfully and is the happiest little gal on the planet! They’re both very lucky to be well-loved by Erin and her husband. Part of the reason I love photographing pets so much is seeing how happy they all are. They all have great homes and are spoiled silly just like children… and it makes for a very happy photo shoot. :)

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