I blogged his owner’s engagement session yesterday, so now it’s Clive’s turn! :) Sarah and Jimmy got Clive in October, and he’s been getting big fast. They had been following my pet sessions and wanted to book him one after their engagement as well as get some “family portraits” with Clive, and I was happy to! Clive is a black lab mix who enjoys his green rubber stick, his green rubber ball, and getting his belly rubbed. Although he hasn’t gone hiking or swimming yet, I imagine he’s going to go on a lot of outdoor adventures this spring and summer now that he’s a little older and the weather is nice. :)

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Clive is a sweetie pie. “Want me to turn my head a little like this?” :)

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Look at that face! Clive is a fun-loving goofball. :)

pet photographer dog portraits black lab mix

“I’m getting a little tired and am just going to lean against your leg like this, okay? Okay.”

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Clive decided he wanted to get some Doggy GQ shots in and voluntarily cross his paws and was looking very majestic. We love you, Clive! It was an honor to be your doggy photographer!

Charlotte pet photographer

Vince and Jackson are city dogs. Kind of. Actually, not really. Jackson’s pretty terrified of traffic and elevators, and Vince is perfectly comfortable chewing on sticks and chasing his bro around the park. However, their parents are city people and scheduled a portrait session for their dogs before their downtown Raleigh engagement session, so we took the pups to a nearby park and let them run free (sort of)!

Vince is the Boston Terrier (a breed I’d been looking forward to photographing for such a long time!) and was everything I thought a Boston Terrier should be… a hilarious diva dog. He was very smart and insisted upon being in front of the camera at all times. I had to delete a ton of pictures of Jackson because they all had a giant Vince blur running in front of the camera like, “HEY GUYS HEY GUYS HEY GUYS!!!!” Vince enjoys pepperoni, chasing Jackson, and chewing on sticks.

Jackson is an adorable mutt who belonged to Shannon before she lived with Phil. He’s very protective of Shannon and doesn’t particularly want to like Phil, but you can tell he does anyway. He goes back and forth between trying to ignore Phil and running up to Phil like, “HI PHIL HI PHIL HI PHIL!!!!” Jackson enjoys swimming, chewing on sticks, and my husband Geoff.

Boston Terrier Dog photographer

Both of the pups live together now with Shannon and Phil and clearly get along splendidly. :)

Raleigh dog photographer Happy dog portrait Raleigh pet photographer

Does anyone else see the resemblance to Fidget here?

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I love the picture on the left. :) They’re so cute together!

Raleigh pet photography

Hahaha look at those eyes on the left hand side… Oh, Vince.

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“Sticks are the most delicious.”

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I love you, Vince+Jackson!! You will see a little bit more of them in my next post, Shannon and Phil’s engagement session. :)