It’d be much more accurate if I titled this post Raleigh Engagement Photographer: Taylor+Chris+Wynnie… mostly because it really is an engagement between the three of them. :) Taylor being a fabulous girl who works in a psychiatric office and used to be my sister-in-law’s¬†roommate. Chris being a wonderful boy who does web-related work for the American Kennel Club. Wynnie being the sweetest (and softest) Golden Retriever on the face of the planet who has a general distrust of water fountains and whose hair gets a pristine 80s crimp when it gets wet. Taylor and Chris’s love for Wynnie is very evident. So when they became engaged, it was obvious we were to include Wynnie in the pictures.

Most of the time when dogs are included in engagement pictures, they are in about 10-30% of the shots, depending. This is usually due to the fact that it takes a much longer time to pose people with their dogs and get the dogs settled down and looking in the proper direction. Wynnie is in about 95% of their pictures. A lot of this has to do with the fact that she was just one dog as opposed to two or three, but most of it has to do with the fact that Wynnie is just so ridiculously sweet. She never barked, they never yelled at her, and she did whatever we wanted. Just a totally chill dog. A lot of this has to do with the fact that you could tell the three of them are just happy as can be. :) Wynnie is thrilled that her parents are tying the knot… and while this post is mainly to celebrate the engagement of Taylor+Chris, it’s also about the adoption of Wynnie. :)

Photos taken at the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) where Taylor used to go a lot as a child.

We’re photographing Taylor and Chris’s wedding on October 23rd – our one year wedding anniversary. :) What a great way to celebrate it!

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!”

Ladies and gentlemen readers of the CSP blog, I present to you a mix of the most hot-mess of a dysfunctional family (pet) portraits I’ve ever done and the cutest pictures ever. It’s a strange combo, I know, but then again – so are Fluffhead and Mukluk. I won’t spend a long time explaining, but long story short, our one and only Alaskan Kate moved a few months ago and acquired a most wonderful roommate named Lindsay. Alaskan Kate moved with her cat Mukluk (my adopted nephew-cat), and Fluffhead is Lindsay’s dog. Little did they know that not only would Kate and Lindsay get along infamously well, but so would their pets. Now the most inseparable odd couple is the cutest pair of furballs on the blog and probably in the world.

So happy birthday, Lindsay! I hope these make you smile! I want to steal your dog, but it’s probably easier just to come over and visit. So without further ado – FLUFF+MUK:

Before I met Fluff, I wasn’t sure where I stood on tiny furry white dogs with tiny little barks. Now I am obsessed. Look at that face.

Little Muk wanted to pose with Kate’s drawing cat. This was the extend of Mukluk’s posing. He is his own cat and does his own thing. He likes you, but sometimes he couldn’t really care less. He’s kinda The Dude of cats.

Mukluk’s face is one of priceless irritability here. I love you, Muk.

1st picture: Fight!

2nd picture: Fight!

3rd picture: What? We are totally innocent.


I love you, Fluff and Muk!


Vince and Jackson are city dogs. Kind of. Actually, not really. Jackson’s pretty terrified of traffic and elevators, and Vince is perfectly comfortable chewing on sticks and chasing his bro around the park. However, their parents are city people and scheduled a portrait session for their dogs before their downtown Raleigh engagement session, so we took the pups to a nearby park and let them run free (sort of)!

Vince is the Boston Terrier (a breed I’d been looking forward to photographing for such a long time!) and was everything I thought a Boston Terrier should be… a hilarious diva dog. He was very smart and insisted upon being in front of the camera at all times. I had to delete a ton of pictures of Jackson because they all had a giant Vince blur running in front of the camera like, “HEY GUYS HEY GUYS HEY GUYS!!!!” Vince enjoys pepperoni, chasing Jackson, and chewing on sticks.

Jackson is an adorable mutt who belonged to Shannon before she lived with Phil. He’s very protective of Shannon and doesn’t particularly want to like Phil, but you can tell he does anyway. He goes back and forth between trying to ignore Phil and running up to Phil like, “HI PHIL HI PHIL HI PHIL!!!!” Jackson enjoys swimming, chewing on sticks, and my husband Geoff.

Boston Terrier Dog photographer

Both of the pups live together now with Shannon and Phil and clearly get along splendidly. :)

Raleigh dog photographer Happy dog portrait Raleigh pet photographer

Does anyone else see the resemblance to Fidget here?

Boston Terrier Raleigh dog portraits pet photographer raleigh dog portraits raleigh nc

I love the picture on the left. :) They’re so cute together!

Raleigh pet photography

Hahaha look at those eyes on the left hand side… Oh, Vince.

Pet photography Raleigh dog photography North Carolina pet photographer

“Sticks are the most delicious.”

pet photography north carolina dog photographer pet photography blog pet photography blog

I love you, Vince+Jackson!! You will see a little bit more of them in my next post, Shannon and Phil’s engagement session. :)