Such a joy to photograph this family again, this time with the bright and shining new addition of a baby boy! Abbi and Olivia have been dear clients and friends for a few years and we’ve quickly bonded over our love of home projects and animals. I should’ve known that their newborn’s room would be equally adorable, complete with painted outlet covers (!) and a beautiful dresser that Olivia had just finished building. I also was able to take photos of the boys on a gorgeous quilt that Abbi made. Their home is full of personal touches everywhere you look, and these boys are so well loved by their mamas and their precious doggo, Basil. This blog post is dedicated in memory to their beloved dog Maizee, who I had the privilege of working with over the years, and who was a beautiful, sweet soul who will be dearly missed.


It was great to reunite with Aleigh and Joe! Geoff and I photographed their engagement session in New York City several years ago. Now they’re married and parents to an adorable baby named Isaac and have a beautiful home with the best longest hallway. Why do I like long hallways? I don’t know. I think they remind me of shotgun houses in New Orleans. I think I also like to run and slide down them in socks a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Anyway, their home and baby are beautiful. Isaac is also the proud baby owner of several incredible blankets. If I’ve photographed your baby, you know I really love looking through baby blankets and finding fun patterns and colors. Isaac had so many good ones made by people who love him, which is the most important part. I’m so happy for Aleigh and Joe and am thrilled that the city has gained another resident who’s a future Bruce Springsteen fan.

Newborn Session // Logan

We are whole heartedly embedded into Abby and Aaron’s family whether they like it or not at this point. We photographed their engagement session when we didn’t know them at all, but we instantly fell in love with their dog Casey (and Abby and Aaron too). We then photographed their wedding when we knew them¬†much better after bonding over their dog as well as our mutual love of Halloween. Since then they’ve become some of our really fantastic friends. They live in our neighborhood and we go to the pool (with donut and pretzel shaped flotation devices like adults), celebrate Halloween together (Abby has had a spooky grand design for the front of our house for a couple of years and is disappointed when each year I manage to not find time to act on her vision), and we had the good fortune of getting to spend a lot more time with Casey as he got older. Now they have a baby whose name is Logan, and we’re excited to spend time with the whole family unit. Logan, however, didn’t seem terribly fond of us (there was a lot of crying, which Abby’s father assured me was payback for their newborn session of Abby where she cried through the whole thing). But we’ll win him over when he’s approximately five and discovers our extensive collection of Legos. :)