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A Valentine’s Themed Anniversary Session in Raleigh with Kim+Joe.

What better way to celebrate your 4 year anniversary than tromping around in a field surrounded by red balloons, a totally sweet tent made for children, fake crows, hand-painted tights, and more doilies than you can possibly imagine!? :D

We happily took pictures of the stunning Kim (mom and photographer) and the handsome Joe (Army man) in a field nearby our house. Kim and Joe celebrated their anniversary with a session to celebrate their amazing awesomeness. Kim’s starting a photography business of her own, and photos are mega important to her. She wanted these pictures to be fun, relaxed, and show how in love her and Joe are… which wasn’t hard to do. :) She also wanted it to be Valentine themed with the major color scheme being red, white, and pink. Ironically, they had a lot of the same ideas that Geoff and I had for our own anniversary session last year: using a lot of props and things from their actual wedding, bring glass Coke bottles and birdcages equipped with crows (which we still had from our wedding and took along for this shoot… the crows were happy to be included and so often used), colored shoes, and decorations that were meaningful to them (a Mason jar full of golf balls to represent Joe’s love of golf, and a jar full of buttons to represent Kim’s craftiness).

Kim and Joe came equipped with TONS OF PROPS that, apparently, also fill their house at any given time of the year. You see, Kim is a major crafthead (hence the jar of buttons). Constantly, constantly crafting. Every decoration you see in this shoot that involves ribbon, yarn, doilies, necklaces, tights, fabric flowers – Kim made herself. She has an incredible talent for creating things that are fun, sweet, and inherently happy.

They were our first couple to come to their session equipped with their own party-sized helium tank.

**I want to give major photo props to Geoff, who helped me set  up and style the table of crafts that Kim brought, but who also took freaking awesome pictures, many of which are below. Geoff always shoots weddings with me, but he isn’t always able to make it to portrait shoots because he has a regular software engineering job and I shoot portraits on the weekdays. But when he’s able to make it, he takes really great stuff (in addition to coding our website, blog, ordering system, and everything else behind the scenes). So, in order to give credit where credit is due, I’m now watermarking all pictures with our names in the lower left hand corner. It’s very subtle (I despise watermarks as I find them distracting and don’t believe they stop people from stealing anything unless they’re right over the picture… which is even more distracting) and I hope it serves the purpose of giving Geoff credit while not taking away from the pictures. :) GEOFF, YOU ROCK.




    Nothing Bridget M

    that first photo . . .!!! and the silhouettes!!! sorry all i can think of is !!!!s

    Nothing tarsha foster

    Wow, I love these! Their so funky and quirky deff. One of my favorites you and Geoff never fail to amaze me with your talents!! I love all the little details in this shoot and of course I love the balloons :)


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