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Amy+Ben’s Engagement Session at Duke University

Ben grew up in Indiana and came to North Carolina for college but ended up in New York City, NY while Amy grew up in Raleigh but went to college in Ithica and winded up in New York City, NY, only to come back to Durham for their engagement session at Duke University. GOT IT? Good! :D

So both Amy and Ben were in the same states at kind of roughly the same time periods but nothing ever really overlapped. Amy was introduced to Ben through a cleverly-disguised blind date set up by their mutual friends while she was visiting New York City (Ben already lived there at this point). They spoke to each other online for a few months while Amy was finishing up school/cleverly devising a way to get back to New York City while in Ithica. She visited him often, one thing led to another, etc., and it all accumulates into a very happy wedding this September at Temple Beth and 1705 Prime in Raleigh! For now they remain happily situated in New York where Ben works for a software company and Amy is a physical therapist.

So why Duke University? Ben went to college at Duke and they dig the architecture and the general space (it also reminds Amy of Cornell, where she went to school). And I was sooo super happy and delighted that parts of the campus actually had flowers and leaves and things that were bright and happy! It’s kind of hit or miss around in the area right now as to whether or not all of the grass is completely dead or bright green. :) Anyway – I had a great time with these two nice and fun and adorable people and look forward to their triumphant return to North Carolina in September!


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