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Elise+Jeff Have a Wedding at Duke Chapel and The Cotton Room

This was a wedding with a lot of firsts for us. The first wedding of 2012. The first wedding at Duke Chapel. The first bridal party who all brushed their teeth for us. The first that ended with us drinking milkshakes from Cookout in a limo. I can’t say that it could have ended any better. Elise and Jeff are very comfortable with each other, and very nice and polite to everyone they meet, putting everyone around them instantly at ease. I’ve never been nervous around either of them. I think it’s impossible to be anything but relaxed and smiling, as I think it’s impossible for Elise and Jeff to be anything but relaxed and smiling. So this was a very happy crew: happy family, happy friends, happy Elise and Jeff. I think this shows in their pictures. Everyone who was happy was also fun and ridiculous, and this also shows in their pictures (in a good way). And we couldn’t ask for anything better than a really good, fun crew who welcomed us with open arms into our first wedding of the year.

I did one bridal show ever which is where I met Elise. She sent me an email afterward saying, “Our wedding is so far away that I really hadn’t even thought of planning anything, but visiting your booth and looking at your pictures made me SO EXCITED!” Two years and some contracts later, we’re photographing her and Jeff brushing their teeth in Duke Gardens using their custom toothbrush favors (Elise is in dental school) and riding around with them in limos, visiting the local Cookout in formal wear and drinking milkshakes. It is a strange world, and I can’t say that I didn’t sit in the back of the limo on the drive back to our car, sipping on my peanut butter milkshake, and wonder how I got here, but I’m so thankful for Elise and Jeff’s love and support of each other and of us. It’s a beautiful thing, and a great way to kick of the year. Congratulations, friends!

Bride’s Occupation: Soon to be Pediatric Dental Resident in Seattle!

Groom’s Occupation: Attorney – soon to be ex-attorney/unemployed because [Elise is] dragging him across the country.

How You Met: [Elise+Jeff] were in the same freshmen dorm at Duke – of the 100 or so kids housed there, 5 couples have gotten married!

Interesting Bride Fact: Bride has a double uvula (the hanging thing in the back of the throat) – this is Jeff’s go to weird fact about [her].

Interesting Groom Fact: Jeff’s own personal holiday is when the new Madden Xbox game comes out. Also has the uncanny ability to make Elise laugh on cue.

Honeymoon Destination: Elise wrote, “Motel 6 – This is what Jeff keeps telling me. In reality he says he won’t tell me until we’re boarding the plane (and he says not the first plane…)”. In actuality, it was the Bahamas. :) Jeff broke the news to Elise during the reception after a good chunk of the family kept nagging him to tell her. :D

Date: March 10, 2012

Ceremony Venue: Duke Chapel // Durham, NC

Reception Venue: The Cotton Room // Durham, NC

Hotel: Millennium Hotel // Durham, NC

Officiant: Reverend Bill Fowler (family friend and Duke alum)

DJ: The Perfect Beat // Apex, NC

Florist: Elise and her mother and aunt made all of the floral arrangements themselves!

Cake: Sugarland // Chapel Hill, NC

Hair/Makeup: Moshi Moshi Means Hello! // Chapel Hill, NC

Videographer: Daniel and Kevin // Heart Stone Films


    Nothing Kathleen Clipper

    What a fun wedding! I could feel the excess joy in each of these photographs. LOVE the toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste favors. Too awesome. Great job, Carolyn :-)


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