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Bethany+Kevin’s Engagement Session in Raleigh

As if landing the sister of your former client isn’t a high enough compliment, Geoff and I apparently won over the future groom at Gwen+Nick’s wedding as well. Bethany told me on the phone that while her fiancé Kevin goes with the flow of wedding planning, he was pretty adamant that he wanted us to photograph their wedding as well. I love when the grooms like us. :) But even if I didn’t already have a soft spot in my heart for these two, they would’ve won me over in about 30 seconds anyway. :) This was the most playful engagement session I think I’ve photographed (Bethany did tell me on the phone that “…Kevin will be fine, we’ll just put him on the playground…” which turned out to be incredibly true), and two of the most happy-go-lucky people I’ve met. I think it shows, which is good considering Bethany told me, “You know those engagement sessions where everyone is all serious and they don’t even look happy to be engaged? Yeah, we don’t want that.” So I told them to just have a good time… and they did. :)

Without risk of ruining their whole meeting/first date/proposal story (let’s save it for their July wedding blog post, shall we?), I’ll give you Bethany+Kevin: fierce Words with Friends competitors, riders of ostriches, conquerors of the sandpit dinosaur rodeo.


    Nothing Fernando Colaço

    Happy and courageous couple. They where, I´m sure, a fine source for good pictures and you done here a great photographic job.It is more a photojournalistic capture than a model session. Very well done.The first one with the kids running is a must. Congrats.

    Nothing Russell Harrison

    They must be SO much fun to work with. You did such a great job capturing their fun loving nature!


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