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Abby+Steve’s Day After Session

Crunched for time on your wedding day or trying to keep wandering vagrants out of your shots in Moore Square? We have the perfect solution.

Ta-da! Abby and Steve’s Day After session. Remember when they got married? Instead of an engagement session, they went with the day-after session. They knew they’d be decently crunched for time on their day, but also they wanted to go to some slightly more eccentric locations and do some more dramatic type of shots. We had about 15 minutes with them on their wedding day, which isn’t a whole lot when you’re walking around from place to place, so we’re glad they did it. They also had their wedding around noon, so having the day after session in the evening gave them a totally different look in the photos. We love them, and we love Abby and Steve and their wildness and fun selves.

And I have never seen anyone who could make such a crazy face in my entire life. You’ll know it when you see it. Craziest face ever. She said she had always wanted to “capture it on film”… so Abby, your dream has come true!


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