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Michele+David’s Wedding at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh

I loved Michele and David right off the bat for a whole series of reasons: 1. Michele is in vet school and I love people who love animals as much as I do. 2. I don’t think David’s said anything to me in the entire duration of their clienthood that’s involved more that 3 serious, non-sarcastic words in a row. 3. Michele has an awesome yellow sapphire ring and I am a sucker for colored stones. 4. They are totally chill and relaxed in every single way.

And when I mean chill and relaxed, I really mean it. A few of the pictures below look like we posed David in some really GQ way, but in reality that’s just what happens when you point a camera at him. Coincidentally, his daughter Chloe does the exact same thing. I think it must be genetic. Never serious and always messing with everyone within 5 feet of them. David can keep a straight face through his antics most of the time, but I love that Michele can’t… and he keeps her laughing constantly. Michele is so incredibly nice and calm that I remember telling Geoff afterward that it didn’t feel like we had shot a wedding. The whole day was just so ridiculously chill with the closest friends and family. Michele looked gorgeous, David looked handsome, and their daughters Chloe and Arielle were beautiful.  We loved every second with this crew… even if the adults were over a foot taller than me and I was as tall as the ten year old. ;)

A special shout-out and props to Chloe the Salon Dog at Atomic 2 Salon who kept everyone in the best mood all morning because LOOK AT THAT FACE. And Michele, you knew Chloe would be the one opening the blog post, right? ;)


First Dance: “Come Away With Me”  – Nora Jones

Bride’s Occupation: Student at NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2015

Groom’s Occupation: Communications

How You Met: Shiki Sushi Restaurant

Interesting Bride Fact: Her family says she’s a professional student

Interesting Groom Fact: He’s a sports trivia guru

Honeymoon Destination: Miami Beach for a week then a 5 day cruise to the Carribean

Date: May 26, 2012

Ceremony and Reception Venue: All Saints Chapel // Raleigh, NC

DJ: Island Sound // Jason Huggins

Florist: Savoir-Faire Event Planning and Management // Elana Walker

Cake: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery

Caterer: We Cook For You // Alvin Cotto

Hair: Atomic 2 Salon // Lynette Martin

Makeup: Makeup Culture // Stephanie Sevilla

Coordinator: Savoir-Faire Event Planning and Management // Elana Walker

Wine: Brandywine Cellars and the Wine Cellar



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