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Anna+Morgan // Wedding at Jumonville and Klay Winery in Pennsylvania

This wedding was awesome. There were fantastic views, honey jar wedding favors, sparkly bridesmaids shoes, foxes and deer, and… wait for it… two wedding vendors named Carolyn. But most awesome of all were Anna and Morgan. They were calm, cool, and relaxed. Although “cool” may not be entirely accurate as it was in the 90s (very toasty for southwestern PA). They braved the heat, the sun, and an abundance of wedding gnats that attacked anytime we went into the shade. They went through the pre-wedding jitters, through the vows, on top of a mountain, down a mountain, into a reception, and up on top of another mountain while offloading in my parents’ Subaru Forester (ohh yeah). You’d think there might be a tad bit of “I’m tired” or “I’m hot” or “Why do these gnats keep attacking us?” but instead, about every hour, one of them would come up to us and ask if we were okay, if everyone was being nice to us, and if we needed anything. And that pretty much embodies Anna and Morgan for me. Just good, nice people who spend their time thinking about others instead of themselves. And everyone at their wedding was the same way. In a crazy, Twilight-zone twist that happens to me all too often, a girl I went to high school with who was also ridiculously nice and sweet and good was at the wedding… proving, once again, that Anna and Morgan have good taste in people. :) And so this wedding was awesome, relaxed, and went off without a hitch. Both the ceremony and the reception were held in some of the most beautiful spots we’ve had privilege to see thus far at weddings… and we were kind of shocked that such quiet, gorgeous views existed in our home state without us realizing it (granted – our parents are about 1.5 hours away so I can kind of understand why they wouldn’t take a bunch of screaming children to a winery when we were little, but still).

We were honored to be summoned in from out of state for the past two weddings and a session and enjoyed our time in Pennsylvania thoroughly. :) We returned to a blazingly hot North Carolina summer and have shot here since, only to return to PA for our next wedding again, and then I’ll be taking a brief sojourn in Chicago. So be patience, friends! Blogging will resume shortly, but I’ll leave you with this gorgeous wedding to stare at for the next week or so until I get return to NC for a good few months before we take off again. ;)

First Dance Song: “When I Say I Do” – Matthew West

Bride’s Occupation: Sales

Groom’s Occupation: Sales

How You Met: Seton Hill University

Honeymoon Destination: St. Lucia

Date: June 23, 2012

Ceremony Venue: Whyel Chapel, Jumonville // Hopwood, PA

Reception Venue: Christian W. Klay Winery // Chalk Hill, PA

Officiant: Pastor Kevin Labby

DJ: Dave Sanchez // DJ 7UP

Florist: Curly Willow Floral

Cake: Prantl’s Bakery

Caterer: Caileigh’s

Hair/Makeup: Artisan Colour Spa

Videographer: Post Script Productions


      Nothing carolyn

      Thanks, Pastor Kevin!!! We had a great time working with you and hope to see you again in the future!! :D :D


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