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Rebecca+Grant Have a Wedding at Shady Wagon Farm

Remember how much we just said we love Rebecca? Well we love Grant too. And now they’re married, and that makes us happy because there’s twice the love. They’re pretty ridiculously cute together (and let’s face it – apart) and just the sweetest people ever. Super country. Lots of boots at this wedding. Lots of various types of line dances. Lots of bugs chasing Rebecca around. It rained at the reception so hard that it flooded the outdoor concrete portion, but the wedding simply moved inside and kept going without skipping a beat. And they had just the nicest (and largest) family EVER. Not a single person was anything but super smiley and polite, which is probably where Rebecca and Grant get it from.

We wish Rebecca and Grant the best luck ever but they won’t need it. We barely had to pose them – they’re that good. Grant claims that there’s the best Mexican restaurant ever near their place so consider this our official self-invitation over to your neighborhood at some point to eat Mexican food and hang out with you guys whether you like it or not. We’re coming over.

First Dance Song: “Let’s Stay Together” – Al Green
Rebecca’s Occupation: Clinical Trials Assistant at Quintiles Transnational
Grant’s Occupation: Director of Operations at GrassPro Lawn Care
How You Met: Through the bride’s mom, a landscaping client of Grant’s
Interesting Fact About Rebeca: She’s been singing/performing all her life and LOVES to cook
Interesting Fact About Grant: He is an avid hunter and outdoorsman and LOVES to eat
Honeymoon Destination: Asheville, NC
Date: September 8th, 2012
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Shady Wagon Farm // New Hill, NC
Officiant: Pastor Carlton McDaniels
DJ: Stephen Scott
Florist: Daniel’s Florist
Cake: Margaret Talley
Caterer: Austin Murray // Cook Shack Catering
Hair/Makeup: Georgia Johnson
Coordinator: Gail Jones
Other: Classic Party Rentals


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