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Proof of Tracy+Colin’s Awesomeness

Sometimes photographers book that perfect client: the one who repeatedly tells you, “Oh it’s cool. Do whatever you want. We trust you completely.” They don’t panic and ask you a few times whether or not it’s going to work or whether or not they look silly, they just come and have fun. And believe it or not, that gives us photographers a ton more confidence to be awesome (sometimes I think clients forget that we’re nervous too). And then you get engagement¬†sessions like this.

Tracy and Colin are the best and we’ve only known them a few months. But their wedding is at CAM next year and Randy Bennett is the DJ and Tracy likes all the embarrassing emo/punk bands that I do (names omitted to protect the innocent) and Colin’s super friendly and nice to everyone so I’m pretty sure it’s going to rule. Plus they’re pretty good looking, don’t you think?


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