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Kelly+Danny’s Engagement Session in the Outer Banks of Awesome

There will be a long and detailed explanation of how we ended up shooting Kelly and Danny’s wedding in the Outer Banks when I post their wedding pictures soon, but for now you’ll have to deal with their engagement session. I do believe that this was the first time we’ve done an engagement session in the morning. And by the morning, I mean we stumbled out of our bunk beds (yesss!) in the bridesmaids’ beach house in the dark and ended up on the beach with these two at 6:30am.

I can tell you that being in Corolla at 6:30am is basically like going on a safari. We saw engagement dolphins (lots of them!) very close to shore. We saw a creepy turtle eating a worm. We saw a cat with debatably one ear (upon zooming in during editing it was confirmed that he had two). We saw wild horses walking along the beach where our conversation went something like this:


Carolyn: Okay, you guys just hold hands and walk toward us.

Kelly: So are we just supposed to pretend they’re not there?

Carolyn: Yeah, basically.

And of course, we saw Danny’s awesome mustache.


      Nothing Carolyn

      Thanks, Brett! We’re really happy with it… of course wild horses don’t hurt, you know.


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