We met Katy and Matt in Kitty Hawk for their engagement session last weekend after we were conveniently there for a wedding that we attended (yes, attended for once!). They were coming down from Virginia to have their session in the Outer Banks since they travel there frequently and love it, and we were more than happy to oblige since it’s always an amazing place to shoot. However, an “amazing place to shoot” usually means that you’re stuck with some sort of challenging element… namely a lot of sand in your camera bag and sticking to your lenses with sea-water air. Typically that’s all we need to contend with, but at this point in time there was a storm out in the ocean that caused the waves to be quite insane and pretty much took up the entire beach. We’d place Katy and Matt in a spot, and then they’d get hit with a giant wave that no one saw coming about a half second later. :) We also spent the first part screaming our conversations at each other because the wind was super intense. So after the beach phase we moved onto the sound phase which was much, much calmer… and we could actually talk like normal people and meet the fantastic people that both Katy and Matt are! They braved a lot of elements out there with us but we think the photos are worth it. :)

A little back story. We shot Abby and Aaron’s engagement session in the Outer Banks earlier this year. We gave them the pictures back while sitting in Mediterranean Deli discussing haunted houses for several hours. They took the pictures home and showed them to one of their flower girls, Caroline. Caroline promptly declared that the pictures were “ok… but the ones of Casey are GREAT.” Casey is their miniature German Shepherd. I quickly developed a very enthusiastic fan club in the 8-12 age range based on one photo of Casey alone (Geoff, despite shooting at the engagement session, was outright dismissed because he didn’t take any photos of just Casey).

Fast forward several months into the future, and I showed up to the salon on their wedding day only to be flanked by flower girls. They were initially nervous around me (having taken that amazing single picture of Casey and many other “ok” pictures of Abby and Aaron, I can understand their star-struck state), but then they quickly became comfortable and started photobombing most of my pictures. Then they got a hold of someone’s DSLR and started documenting me (Abby later sent me an e-mail: “There were 15 photos of you. I condensed for your sake.”). Then they started documenting each other – asking one another to pose. One of the girls would take the photo, while another one of the girls would stand slightly off to the side and say, “Look at the bunny ears!” while she gave bunny ears to the photographer in an apparent effort to put the subject at ease. I could learn something from them.

While this post will mostly contain “ok” pictures of Abby and Aaron, I did photograph Casey at the reception much to the flower girl’s total awe and hopefully she’ll find those photos better than the ones below. To Abby and Aaron – we love you and prepared to be our haunted house buddies here in about a month… and I’m going to make Aaron go back to Mediterranean Deli in order to give you your pictures despite the fact that school is in session so he won’t want to go because of parking/traffic. But it is so delicious!

Date: August 9, 2013

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Pelican’s Landing // Corolla, NC

First Dance Song: Jack Johnson

Abby’s Occupation: Office Manager at UNC Chapel Hill

Aaron’s Occupation: Healthcare Reimbursement Analyst at UNC Chapel Hill

How You Met: We were staying at the same hostel in Paris.  She was a travel agent in Chapel Hill and recognized his friends in the internet lounge.  They met again at the hostel’s bar after dinner and hung out.  Later went frollicing under the Eiffel Tower, and met to go to the Louvre the next day.  They met up again a few days later in London and then remained friends in Chapel Hill, later to start dating.

Interesting Bride Fact: She first referred to Aaron as her “boyfriend” to Roy Williams (coach of the UNC basketball team)

Interesting Groom Fact: He can unicycle and juggle, although not at the same time.

Honeymoon Destination: Will decide after the wedding when life has calm down.

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Reverend Heidi Gessner | DJ – DJ Bruce of I Do Entertainment | Florist – Harris Teeter Kitty Hawk for the Bride and Groom | Origami Bouquets/Boutonnieres hand made by very gracious helpers who followed CSP’s previous bride Lauren’s instructions on how to make them! | Cake – Hibou Pasteries | Caterer – Coastal Provisions Market | Hair/Makeup – Eden Day Spa

Abby and Aaron are getting married at one of our favorite wedding venues in the Outer Banks in August – Pelican’s Landing in Corolla. It’s seriously fantastic, and we’re so excited to return. They have a longstanding tradition of being at the beach despite not being from there and despite currently living in Chapel Hill. Their first date was in Atlantic Beach going mini golfing and to the aquarium (Abby is a self-professed aficionado about each), and Abby lived in Wilmington for a short period of time where she spent a lot of time at the beach (of course). Aaron can body surf, but Abby’s afraid of sea creatures so she doesn’t get very far into the water. So this love of the beach turned into an engagement session at the beach, and they were nice enough to bring us out to Nags Head for their engagement session “exploring on the pier! I love piers. They are right up there with aquariums.”

Abby and I discovered on our visit that we generally talk like 4th graders. At one point Abby discussed her love of sharks by saying, “Sharks are my favorite. I like all sharks.” At another point, I kicked around some said and said, “I like sand. It is cool.” So, that was kind of how the session went. Aaron and Geoff wondering how they got here while Abby and I had philosophical discussions about sand and sharks. Casey the dog also joined us and continually barked at seagulls, other dogs, and the waves for the entire shoot. He’s a German Shepherd-Chihuahua mix. Just wait, you’ll see. We had a super great time in Nags Head with them and can’t wait to return in August to photograph their wedding in Corolla so Abby and I can talk about sharks and sand some more.