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Katy+Matt in the Outer Banks

We met Katy and Matt in Kitty Hawk for their engagement session last weekend after we were conveniently there for a wedding that we attended (yes, attended for once!). They were coming down from Virginia to have their session in the Outer Banks since they travel there frequently and love it, and we were more than happy to oblige since it’s always an amazing place to shoot. However, an “amazing place to shoot” usually means that you’re stuck with some sort of challenging element… namely a lot of sand in your camera bag and sticking to your lenses with sea-water air. Typically that’s all we need to contend with, but at this point in time there was a storm out in the ocean that caused the waves to be quite insane and pretty much took up the entire beach. We’d place Katy and Matt in a spot, and then they’d get hit with a giant wave that no one saw coming about a half second later. :) We also spent the first part screaming our conversations at each other because the wind was super intense. So after the beach phase we moved onto the sound phase which was much, much calmer… and we could actually talk like normal people and meet the fantastic people that both Katy and Matt are! They braved a lot of elements out there with us but we think the photos are worth it. :)


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