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Eun+Matt Get Married at Duke Chapel Oppa Gangnam Style

This wedding had two ceremonies: one traditional American ceremony at Duke Chapel and the other a traditional Korean Paebeak ceremony at the Chapel Hill Country Club. Then the reception was bookended by Oppa Gangnam Style (that’s right, they played it twice) and small Korean children dancing in sunglasses. It was pretty amazing.

Eun and Matt are incredibly sweet, mild mannered, all around good people. And super smart. I think Geoff and myself were two of the only guests at the wedding without a doctorate in some sort of advanced medicine (well, maybe us and the small children). They, strangely enough, live about 5 minutes down the road and frequently walk their dogs around our house! Small world. Eun is amaaaazingly gorgeous (as were her two lovely and very helpful sisters) and Matt is the traditional James-Dean-style handsome only without a cowboy hat and cigarettes. Their wedding was held on one of the most gorgeous October days in the south and we enjoyed hanging out with them thoroughly!

Assuming they survived their honeymoon to Costa Rica without any near death incidents like we had, we wish them all the best in the world and for them to come visit us during their dog walking. :)

 Date: October 13, 2013

First Song: “Somewhere Out There” – Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram

Eun’s Occupation: Radiology resident

Matt’s Occupation: Radiology resident

How You Met: Gross anatomy lab in medical school

Interesting Bride Fact: Was a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in college

Interesting Groom Fact: Once at 100 deviled eggs on a bet and then ate 100 more just for fun

Honeymoon Destination: Costa Rica

Ceremony Location: Duke Chapel // Durham, NC

Reception and Korean Ceremony Location: Chapel Hill Country Club // Chapel Hill, NC

Officiant: Rev. Meghan Feldmeyer

DJ: Joe Bunn DJ Company // Kent Bloms

Florist: Whole Foods

Caterer: Chapel Hill Country Club

Hair/Makeup: Aveda Institute


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