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Baxter Gets His Picture Taken

Every once in a while I get something completely different than weddings and last week it was Baxter. :) Baxter’s mom and dad (Rachel and Andy) found me through a fundraiser event that I participated in for a local shelter called 2 Paws Up where I donated a session for them to help them raise money for their organization. They rescue animals from high-kill shelters in North Carolina and put them up for adoption. :) His parents were in attendance at the fundraiser, won the prize, and contacted me shortly after to set up Baxter’s session.

Baxter is a Shar Pei most likely mixed with some sort of Pit or hound… no one’s really sure. All we know is that Baxter is adorable, and Baxter likes squirrels. He likes squirrels so much that he’s a certified flight-risk, thus landing us in his neighbor’s fenced in back yard for the session so that Baxter didn’t escape into the wild beyond, injuring all fluffy-tailed squirrels in his path. He was quite content to chase around his ball and his stuffed animals and hang out with his beloved humans. I’m pretty much in love with this little dude.


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