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Brandrew Have A Baby

Pennsylvania’s very own Brandrew is back on the blog! Well, Ohio’s very own I guess. Brandrew (Brandy and Andrew, respectively, although I’ve given up trying to call either one of them by their correct names because for whatever reason my brain has decided to run the two permanently together) used to live in Pennsylvania, but have since moved to Ohio for Andrew’s job. During the session at Andrew’s parents’ house in Pennsylvania, we had a conversation that went like this (Brandy and I went to high school together):

Me: Brandy, I miss youuuu!
Brandy: I knowww, I miss you too! I wish you still lived here.
Me: But Brandy, you don’t even live here.
Brandy: … (really sad face)… I know. :(

:) I don’t normally do maternity sessions, but Geoff and I shot Brandrew’s engagement and their wedding, and instead of a traditional maternity shoot, they really just wanted pictures of the two of them and their pup Cody while Brandy just happened to be pregnant. Cody likes to growl at anyone who comes near Brandy now, but I quickly won him over by talking to him about squirrels and chipmunks, and then we were best friends. Brandy and Andrew are having a baby girl, named Eliza, in March. I’ll then have to think of another name combination. Maybe Brandriza. Or Ebrandrew. I’ll think about it.


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