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Jenn+Brett At Home in Pittsburgh, PA

When I was in high school, Jenn was known very fondly as JennBrown. One word. No spaces. Sometimes it was shortened to JB, but there was never a Jenn without the Brown. It just didn’t happen. Until now!¬†JennBrown was married and became a Brown no longer! What! Geoff was happy because he finally got his namesake back (although Jenn said that because Geoff was unable to attend this session that she’s still keeping the name and he can’t have it). And although I have now met and love Brett, I am still calling her JennBrown because that’s just how it is (although for the sake of the rest of the blog, I will call her Jenn… because it’s shorter to type and I’m lazy).

Jenn and Brett live in… well. I think it’s technically New Kensington, but it’s also technically like 8 other cities because they live on a weird Bermuda Triangle of land that all surrounding counties are trying to claim are theirs. But basically it’s a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania suburb. They live there with their adorable dog Harley Quinn, their black cat Pooka, their gray cat Klunk, and their orange cat Mr. Murray. They are all incredibly cute (although Mr. Murray seems to secretly be everyone’s favorite because he is so fluffy).

Jenn and Brett are currently trying to add a baby to their family and are going through the adoption process, so they were looking for pictures of them hanging out in/around their house doing the fun stuff that they like to do like puzzles, cooking, hanging out with their animals outside, and hanging out in the outrageously awesome comic book man cave (good pictures can help mothers giving their children up for adoption a better look at perspective parent candidates). I can’t think of a better, more loving couple than Jenn and Brett… or a happier, more lovely home (I almost took home all of their living room furniture but it wouldn’t fit on the plane).


    Nothing Tara Lynn

    CUTE! What a great idea hiring a professional to capture them “at home.” I wish them the best! Adoption can be a long and exhausting process, but I know from friends and family it is SOOOOO rewarding and worth it!


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