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Heather+Graham Get Married in Raleigh

This was the most intimate wedding ceremony that I’ve ever attended, with myself being the only guest. I also doubled as the witness and the photographer, and I was pretty excited. Excited because I’ve known and loved Heather for a while (she used to live down the street from the family I worked for when I was a nanny), I love small weddings (their officiant said a welcome and Heather said, “That means you, Carolyn!”), I love green wedding dresses (green is the best!), and I loved that their close friends were throwing them a fabulous reception party at a friend’s really fantastic house. Plus they are really good looking. And Heather’s shoes were sparkly.

But enough about my excitement for me – I was also super excited for them. Graham is an amazingly kind person and it’s quite clear that they make each other so happy. Heather’s kids, Wyatt and Theo, just adore Graham and together they’re now one good looking family. :) Heather and Graham were married on Friday, April 12th at Meredith College under the gazebo that her father designed as an architect. She carried a photograph of him, as well as a photo of her opening presents on her 4th birthday party held at the same gazebo. Their friends joined them afterward (and Geoff joined me!) for an awesome party to celebrate their new marriage. We were so happy to be there and met a bunch of really awesome people, two cute cats (very important), and reunited with couples from my nannying days. A fantastic time was had all around. We love you, Heather and Graham!


      Nothing Carolyn

      Thank you so much, Melissa! It was their friend’s house, but it was sooo freaking cute.


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