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Kristine+Kevin // Engaged!

Kristine and Kevin were fantastic to work with for this shoot! They know how to have fun and aren’t afraid to be a tad bit ridiculous. They made us laugh probably more than we made them laugh, and we had a great time. They both are involved in culinary art – Kristine’s in school for baking and Kevin’s a cook. Geoff and I decided that they should probably move in with us so that we don’t have to do either of those things again (we’ll take care of the dishes and you can live here for free, okay?). Kristine’s planning on making their wedding cake for their spring wedding next year.

I actually met Kristine doing photos for a veterinary hospital two years ago where she was the secretary. She’s kept in touch and followed us for a while and we’re excited to have her and Kevin on board for 2014! They have 4 cats (two outside and two inside) so they get bonus client points.


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