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Deb and Carey Are Engaged!

Deb and Carey are pretty neat people with a deep love and appreciation for zombies and gardening. Normally I’d say those two things wouldn’t go hand-in-hand, but when you think about it, they probably could. We suggested to them that they could use them Agave plants as a (short-lived and not-so-nuturional) source of food when the zombie apocalypse arises, so hopefully that will spark their imagination and we’ll soon discover some livestock and more sustainable plants such as corn and wheat fields growing at their house. ;)

A few fun facts besides their mad gardening skills: they can make homemade mint ice cream, donuts are their favorite food group, they met at swing dancing class and can dance really well. We suggested that this would make their first dance really good, and they replied that there’s been a lot of pressure on them for their first dance to be really good since everyone knows they can dance, so it may or may not be good, but we’re hoping it is to detract from our terrible dance moves.


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