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Caitlyn+Joe: Engaged in the Outer Banks

Caitlyn and Joe are like the Carolyn Scott Photography unofficial fan club presidents. The best part about having fan club presidents is that sometimes they take you to the beach with them and let you stay in their beach house and feed you milkshakes from a grumpy man in the Outer Banks when you take their engagement pictures! The other best part about having fan club presidents is the psychic connections that you can develop with them… like when we played Catch Phrase and Joe said, “I have no idea who this is. She’s an older lady,” and I said, “MERYL STREEP!” and he was like, “YES!” and we won. See? It’s like that with us and Caitlyn and Joe.

Initially we were like, “What’s it going to be like staying at a beach house with these people that we kind of know but don’t really know?” and I was terrified that we’d offend them in some sort of way. And we quickly realized that while we had opposing views on music and firearms, that we all equally loved House of Cards and 24 (except Joe who needs desperately to catch up on all episodes of 24 like right now). I was still worried that we offended them in some sort of way about the music and/or firearms until their friends showed up with Cards Against Humanity and all bets were off. I realized that not only did we not offend them, but you kind of can’t offend them, so that was good. We played games for the rest of the trip, saw lots of dolphins, Carolyn got stung by a jellyfish and the friends told Geoff to pee on it (he didn’t), we caught up on some much needed sleep, and we read a lot (they still read!! like us!!). We like them a lot.

They live in Virginia but are originally from Connecticut and were best friends throughout high school and beyond and eventually became more than friends and eventually got engaged and eventually e-mailed us to ask us to photograph their wedding in Connecticut next year and we were like SURE! and then they eventually e-mailed us back to ask if they could have their engagement session in Corolla in the Outer Banks with the wild horses and we were like OKAY! and then this happened.


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