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Ellie+Geoff’s Engagement Session at Griffis Sculpture Park, New York

We’re not going to ruin all of our fun and interesting facts about Ellie and Geoff and how/why they brought us to New York to photograph their engagement session and wedding (hint: it involves winning them over with roller skating in our parents’ basements, Ace of Base, beards, two mothers strongly believing that the British spelling of Jeff is better, some robots, and RIT). We’ll save that for their wedding blog (coming up next!). For now – you’ll have to deal with the pictures of the two of them romping around Griffis Sculpture Park during their engagement session in Springville, New York… which is kind of Buffalo, New York… which is kind of upstate New York but not really… it’s more kind of the middle of a field in the southwestern-ish part of the state. There were giant parrot-spider creatures and crabs and snakes and Geoff warned us that there would be amazon women in the woods and we didn’t believe him, but there were.


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