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Amy+Jason in Charleston, South Carolina

Geoff and I gave each other large amounts of high-fives when Amy, the brilliant mind behind the popular southern wedding blog The Lovely Find, asked us to photograph a couple/lifestyle session of herself and her boyfriend Jason in Charleston, South Carolina. Being northerners, we hadn’t yet ventured into Charleston despite moving to the south several years ago, so we were super excited to visit it for the first time and we were not disappointed. Palm trees! Colorful houses! Cute horses holding up traffic! Places that sell really good mixed drinks with gin! A deli where I could get a gluten-free gyro! Lots of old haunted houses! We were sold. Driftwood? Check. Wrought iron gates and super attractive and jungly alleys where people store their recycling bins? Check.

Together, Amy and Jason are a dynamic duo with two adorable dogs and a taste for wedding blogs and walking the beach. We all went out for drinks afterward and discovered they also have a passion for cheese which I can relate to and also respect. We were thrilled to be asked… truly… to do these photos for them and enjoyed our stay in South Carolina. Now quick – get on over to The Lovely Find and see Amy’s new posts! And while you’re at it, check out the Vendor Almanac where you just might see one of your pictures if you’re a former client of ours. ;)


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