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Narissa+Sara Engaged in Charlotte

These two are kind of amazing, and I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard during a session in a long time (or while reading e-mail correspondences). Besides being awesome, their other handy attributes include working at a place where you can get free gourmet popsicles (and give some to your photographers) and having convenient access to the James K. Polk historic site where you can see, well, stuff about James K. Polk. That’s got to come in handy sometimes, though, right? And to answer the question on everyone’s mind: yes, they do have pine-scented candles with James K. Polk printed on them.

Our mission was, in Narissa and Sara’s words, “…for ya’ll to survive and for us to look like a straight couple.” We, of course, accepted this, as well as accepted a mission to photograph their Shepherd/Husky mix named Poncho Oscar who was absolutely ridiculous. Unbeknownst to all of us, we all also accepted the far less glamorous mission of being eaten alive by a multitude of fire ants which subsequently swelled up Carolyn’s foot for a good 3 days and Narissa’s ankle as well. But we think it was worth it.

We could on for a good while about how hilarious and kind and fantastic these two are, but we’re going to leave you some quotes about each other from them instead which kind of sum it all up.

Sara: “Narissa is honest, loving, tan year-round, genuine, hilarious, and absolutely beautiful. These are just a few of the reasons why I am going to make her my wife.”

Narissa: “I am looking forward to the day I can call Sara my woman-husband.”

Poncho: “These two ladies are crazy.”


    Nothing Jamie Staggs

    COMPLETELY ADORABLE AND AMAZING! i laughed so hard just Looking at their pictures! i can’t imagine how hard i would have laughed AT their session! these girls look like an Incredible pair and i am kinda jealous you get to photograph them. LOVE the bicycle shots! well i love them All but i Especially love the bike ones. and the antler ones. and the ones of them sitting in the house at the table. oh whatever, i love them all. you rock. and they are lucky to have you photograph them. ok i’m done gushing. i’ll stop now. xxoo, jamie

    Nothing beth olson

    good gods. This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages! Those two look like a total hoot; you’re gonna have your hands full come their wedding! Congrats to them!


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