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“Ethologue” Cast & Crew

… And now for something completely different. :)

We were recently approached by Ryan Jones, an amazing local photographer, for a photography project surrounding a movie that he directed. We were immediately interested because a.) Ryan is awesome, b.) we were really flattered that he asked us (!!) and b.) we had been hearing about his movie through the interwebs for a bit now and thought it looked super intriguing. Our task was to photograph Ryan (argyle) along with Derek Trey (red and black), the film’s composer, and Rhys Thomas (suit), the film’s star, for promotional photos as well as to capture the bond the three of them have formed while working closely together on the film. It wasn’t hard to see how close the trio is and how special the film is for them. We had a seriously great time getting to know them and waltzing around some back alleyways in Chapel Hill for their shoot. :)

“Ethologue” is ten minutes long, black and white, and silent. It look them over two weeks to shoot in the city of Chapel Hill, NC and the cooperation of many friends, family members, and a very supportive city bus. :) The film’s score, written by Trey, is going to be preformed live by the Mars String Quartet during Trey’s direction during the premiere of the film on Tuesday, April 29th at 8:00pm. The premiere takes place at Kenan Rehearsal Hall at UNC. We cannot WAIT to see the film on the big screen for the first time, and think it’s a brilliant decision to show the movie along with its live score.

A huge thank you to Ryan for reaching out to us to photograph this project. It was an honor getting to work for you as a fellow photographer, and an honor getting to know and work with Trey and Rhys who are incredibly talented in ways we can’t begin to understand (our minds are still trying to wrap around writing a film score for multiple instruments). Thank you guys SO much. We are so thrilled to be a part of this film!

Watch the trailer here.

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