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Samantha+Tim // Pittsburgh, PA

Last weekend we ventured up to Pittsburgh, PA to take part in Geoff’s sister’s wedding and to welcome our wonderful new brother-in-law into the family! I’ve known Sam for twelve years and I’ve never seen her happier. She has found exactly the right person for her and it makes us happy to see her so happy and I think I’ve used the word “happy” too many times in the post now. :) We met Tim a few years ago and liked him right away. Maybe it’s the sarcasm or the Seinfeld quotes, but he fits right in. We’re so grateful to have him around, even when he gives us a hard time about getting his picture taken. :D Their rehearsal dinner was held the evening before at their home in the South Side, and we snuck  the two away for a little bit to go take some pictures down the street. Here are a few of our favorites. :) Congratulations, Sam and Tim! It was a beautiful wedding and we couldn’t be more thrilled for the both of you!


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