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Kristen+Chris // Engagement in Charlotte, NC

These guys! We like them a lot. They like comic books and video games and regular books and good movies and tv shows and if we were all on a first date we definitely would’ve gone on a second one. They put up with all our antics and climbed through things and on things and laid on the ground in downtown Charlotte. There’s not much more we could’ve asked. They also wanted pictures of themselves eating pizza, which is a great and welcome relief in a sea of wedding guests who yell at us if they think we’re taking a picture of them eating (we’re not – we’re photographing usually the person next to you or behind you and you aren’t in the shot). EATING PIZZA! A messy and amazing food! We were excited to have two people just be themselves, madly in love with pizza (and at Fuel, especially, where great pizza lives in Charlotte). It was awesome. We harassed both of them quite a bit throughout the evening and we’re pretty sure they haven’t fired us from shooting their wedding in December yet! ;) We are very excited to be on Team KrisChris and can’t wait to see them again soon!


    Nothing Kristen

    I just noticed Team KrisChris. Don’t be shocked if you see that at the wedding!


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