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Bérénice + Mike // A courthouse wedding.

Bérénice and Mike gave us the joy of attending and photographing our first courthouse wedding recently! We’ve had a few very small, intimate weddings in the past (one where Carolyn was literally the only guest and witness!), but no courthouse weddings, so we were excited for something new. Bérénice and Mike were excited to have a low-key, low-stress way to permanently commit to each other without the headaches attached to a large scale shindig. :) Together, we had an awesome time! Mike’s family came in to join him from out of state, and Bérénice’s family came all the way from France to see her get married. There was a lot of love in that room, and even more so between Bérénice and Mike. And despite it being hot, humid, and muggy… and despite Bérénice’s feet hurting from her really adorable shoes, these two were really cooperative, fun to work with, and two really nice people. We ran around Raleigh to take some newlywed pictures of them before they went off to Sitti to celebrate their wedding with amazing food! A big congratulations and a huge “thank you for having us!” to Bérénice and Mike for allowing us to be with them on their wedding day. :)


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