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Kevin+Elana+Elle // Newborn.

We were so happy to be reunited with our clients Kevin and Elana on a platform other than Facebook for the first time since we photographed their wedding in 2013! Not only did we get to see their beautiful and smiling faces again, we also got to meet a new beautiful and smiling face: that of their newborn daughter Elle. And if that’s still not enough for you, we also got to hang out with Elana’s mom who happens to be super cool and one of the committee heads of the CSP Fan Club. PLUS there were two black cats: Madison, who avoided us at all costs, and Brooklyn, who seemed to be under the mistaken but common cat impression that the crib was built specifically for her enjoyment. Brooklyn spent the session meowing incessantly at us. Madison spent the session running from us. Elana’s mom spent the session taking pictures of us taking pictures. Elle spent the session entirely awake except for 4 minutes and was totally suspicious of us. Kevin spent the session alternating between running his business, taking care of his wife and newborn, and trying to placate the cats. Elana spent the session looking gorgeous and put together despite having just had a child and remaining as calm and wonderful as ever.


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