Ingrid+Jason Get Married.

We adore elopements! They are so fun and happy and lovely and all things good. This time we ventured out to Hillsborough, NC, which is a little town that we don’t shoot in nearly enough. There we met up with Emily, who used to be our wonderful videographer friend, who is now our wonderful wedding planner friend! She worked closely with Ingrid and Jason to help them out planning their elopement (along with hair peeps The Parlor and florist peeps The English Garden). Then Ingrid and Jason arrived and everyone was so excited (!!) and then they got married in the adorable little magistrate’s office in a little room where they officially became a wedded couple (mic drop). Then we walked all around in the pretty woods to take pretty pictures of them being pretty together. Thankfully it was a.) reasonably warm but b.) no mosquitos bit us and c.) some things were starting to turn green and I am so glad that winter only lasted a week.

We learned that Ingrid is a pharmacist and Jason does really complicated sciencey things. Ingrid is from Louisiana which we know is cool because we love New Orleans, but she’s from Baton Rouge. Jason is from Maine where we know is cold and is also where Stephen King lives. Jason then informed us that Stephen King used to be his basketball coach (yesssss!), and we spent the next ten minutes asking him a lot of questions about this and being really excited about our six-degrees-of-separation from The King of Horror (and basketball?) himself. We took some pictures in between asking them questions, and then walked up to LaPlace restaurant where they had a lovely Cajun dinner (for those of you who don’t parler le Francais, LaPlace is French for… The Place). We are so happy to have been part of this lovely little elopement. Congratulations to the wonderful Ingrid and Jason!



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