MaryAnne+Bob // Raleigh Civil Ceremony

MaryAnne and Bob met 30 years ago in the Naval Academy and finally tied the knot on Tuesday, July 25th at the courthouse in Raleigh, NC after reuniting via the joys of Facebook three years ago. They were joined by us, MaryAnne’s son Thomas, their friend Jen, and Jen’s baby daughter Barrett as they happily wed downtown. And when I say happily, I mean happily. MaryAnne and Bob are meant for each other, and giddy and adorable in one another’s presence. MaryAnne tells us that Bob even eats beets now because of her. That’s dedication. He proposed on Pike’s Peak in the snow and also requested a Bird of Paradise boutonniere for the wedding so I’d say he’s a keeper.

Bob is retired and living in Texas, he’ll be joining MaryAnne in Raleigh shortly. MaryAnne owns a killer 1920s home near downtown that she’s renovated to be fabulous where we took some of the pictures. Together they will raise their cute chickens (who produce delicious eggs that they were gracious enough to gift us!), watch Star Trek, and hunt for mid century modern furniture. Their love is pretty adorable and they keep each other laughing nonstop. We were happy to be a part of their celebration! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, MARYANNE+BOB.


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