Katy+Jereme+Lucy+Sammy // Family Photographer in Raleigh

When I spoke with Katy over the phone before their portrait session, we got along quite well and talked for a long time about things totally unrelated to portrait planning. And Katy and Jereme are super funny people who have the same sense of humor as myself, so I was quite excited to meet them. And Katy was really talking Lucy up, the way you might talk about someone you’re trying to set your friend up with. “She’s really funny, you’re going to love her.” And she’s her mom and stuff, so naturally you’re going to think your kid is funny and that everyone will like your child (I think this about my cats), and I like children and I was sure I would at the very least like Lucy, BUT SHE WAS RIGHT, I DO TOTALLY LOVE HER. I think my jaw literally dropped open when I saw her. First of all, Lucy has the habit of staring very stoically at people in a quite serious way (which I was warned about ahead of time) but it is SO funny because she has the most INCREDIBLE EYELASHES that I have literally ever seen on ANYONE and this just makes her look so adorably cute that it is instant love. Like, I’ve never seen eyelashes like this. Ever. Well, maybe not in person because she is 100% like that guy that plays Richard on Lost that everyone thinks wears mascara on both his upper and lower lashes but actually just looks like that. It’s incredible and she will never need mascara or eyeliner ever in her life.

In addition to having beautiful eyes, she alternates between extremely serious expressions and THE CUTEST SMILE AND LAUGH that reveals exactly two bottom teeth and is seriously heart-melting. Someone get this girl an ad campaign stat. She loves both her mom and her dad, but I’m not sure I’ve seen any baby look at anyone the way this girl looks at her dad, which is also heart-warming and adorable. Her hobbies include chewing on plastic ducks, hanging out with her very good dog Sammy, waving like the queen as she walks her cart around the house, hugging her narwhal stuffed animal, mailing envelopes to her birthday party (THE CUTENESS), and being generally insanely cute. Her parents are in the medical field, and Lucy is named after a 98 year-old patient that Katy took care of. Grab the tissues and observe the cute.


    Nothing Ashlee Brown

    I could not be more blessed to know and love Lucy! As Jereme’s cousin, I always thought I was partial to Lucy’s charms and beauty, but your words have perfectly described the essence of not only Lucy, but the family as well. They are THE BEST people that I know. Also, Lucy’s eyelashes could have an entire blog post of their own, am I right? Beautiful pictures of amazing people. Fantastic job at capturing the cuteness!

      Nothing carolyn

      Haaaahaha!! Thank you so much for the comment, Ashlee!! You are so lucky to be related to someone with the most amazing eyelashes. She is ADORABLE and I can say that with an objective, non-related opinion. :D They are such wonderful people and great parents. Lucy is lucky to have them and vice versa! Thanks so much!


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