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I’ve been having such a good time giving Carolyn Scott Photography bat logo stickers to toddlers all over the Triangle area before I take their photographs and seeing where they put the stickers. So far they’ve put the stickers in a lot of normal places (shelving units, paper, toys), and a lot of not-as-common places (cars). After “The Car Incident” I started telling toddlers to ask their parents for permission before they decide on sticker placement, but I have about a 20% success rate with toddler instruction retention. Elijio was one of the 80% who hear my instructions, understand them, but swiftly disregard them because it’d be more fun to cause sticker mayhem. He came into this game strong. First he put the stickers on his parents’ leather couch. But then he immediately pulled them off (they came off, thank goodness), and stuck them in his dad’s hair. I was a bit worried about that because Humberto has thick curly hair and I was… concerned. But thankfully the stickers also came out of his dad’s hair and then went directly onto Elijio’s own face. All within the first 5 minutes of the photoshoot.

It could’ve all gone horribly wrong so quickly upon my arrival but thankfully leather couches, hair, and faces were all saved. In fact, more stickers were added to the mix when Mom and Dad introduced The Little Gems. The Little Gems were tiny gem stickers that Elijio then put all over everything. Best placement there was, by far, the bejeweled Pterodactyl. Then Bill and Susan, Maggie’s parents, came over, and also became bejeweled before we all went down to the park and played dinosaurs and threw pinecones into the pond. All’s well that ends well and another successful photoshoot was ended without too much Goo Gone being required. A big thanks to Maggie and Humberto for their sense of humor and for having me back!

Kid putting sticker on dad's head
Bat logo stickers in dad's hair
Kid with stickers on face
Family sitting in living room
Durham family photographer
Dad and son playing with stickers
Kid putting stickers on shirt during photoshoot in Durham
Dad putting gems stickers on kid
Durham NC family sitting on couch
Father and son portraits
Mother and son portraits
Family on couch in Durham NC during photoshoot
Smiling family in Durham
Mother and son sitting on floor playing
Plastic toy animals sitting on the floor
Dad playing animals with son
Kid holding stickers
Dad playing with toy animals with son in living room
Kid putting stickers on dinosaur toys
Kid holding a dinosaur on living room floor
Parents reading to son in bedroom
Family photo of mom and dad reading to son
Parents reading the Little Blue Truck
Kid eating a banana
Kid eating a banana at kitchen table while talking to his mom
Family sitting at eat-in kitchen table
Toddler eating a banana at the table
Mom clapping while singing to toddler
Dad drinking out of mug with kid's face on it
Family eating breakfast in kitchen
Kid reading book about Old MacDonald
Toddler's grandma arrives to greet him in the kitchen
Grandma dancing with toddler in the kitchen
Grandma playing on the floor with grandson in the living room in Durham
Grandma helps grandson build a tower of blocks
Three generations of family sitting in the living room
Three generations of family talking on the couch
Kid playing with little gem stickers
Grandma playing with a donkey toy with grandson
Mom helping son put on his shoes
Mom holding kid outside house
Mom putting kid in the stroller and family photo together in the park
Couple photograph in Durham NC
Durham NC couple portrait photographer
Little kid playing at playground
Kid at a neighborhood park
Grandma using the slide at park while playing with grandson
Grandpa using the slide at park while playing with grandson
Kid playing with dinosaur sculpture in the park
Family playing on dinosaur playground equipment
Candid family photographers in Durham NC
Parents walking with son to the pond in the neighborhood park
Parents and kid playing at a park in Durham
Family laughing while throwing pinecones into a pond
Dad showing son how to throw pinecones into a pond
Kid and parents laughing at the park
Family walking in North Durham NC
North Durham family photographer walking outside
Kid playing with toy truck in Durham
Family playing outside in Durham with toy car
Kid waving goodbye to grandma in a car
Cat at photoshoot


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