Hannah+David+Clifton // Wake Forest Family Photographer

Cliftonnnn! I photographed this kiddo last year and his parents warned me that he was slow to warm up, but we were BFFs immediately. Something about people that like cats meeting other people that like cats and agreeing to always be friends. Clifton is my buddy. During this session he really enjoyed excitedly showing me things like his smoothie, the cup that he was drinking his smoothie out of, the color of his smoothie, the straw inside the smoothie, etc. He also enjoyed showing me his cat Jackson, who we once again gently pried from his stranger-danger hiding place to excitedly admire before he quickly ran away from us (we’re so sorry JJ, we love you). Clifton also liked having conversations such as:

Clifton: We went on vacation!
Me: Where did you go?
Clifton: We went on vacation!
Me: Yes, but to where? Was there a beach? Were there mountains?
Clifton: We went on vacation!

He’s my favorite. It was so nice to see this family again and to to see how much taller Clifton got and how much higher he can jump and that he likes kayaking now. He’s one of the most joyous little kids I’ve met and excited about everything. But mostly cats. And I respect that so much.


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