Kirsten and Matt are my kind of people. Geoff is insistent that the amount of animals living with us don’t outnumber us, but he’s wrong. Kirsten and Matt are living in a joyous dreamland of cats and dogs living together, cuddling on the bed and everyone getting along. They live very happily living alongside the following:

*Chip – yellow lab, exceptionally good boy, friendly, cuddler
*Pascal – white Ragdoll, friendly, goofy, likes to chase shadows on walls and harass Chip
*Cinder – insanely handsome very-good-boy long-haired Siamese who enjoys being the center of attention and is very good at jumping
*Weston – human toddler, likes to dance to the Black Eyed Peas, owns the coolest shoes, has the most wonderful cable-knit sweater known to small children, and has an insanely cute laugh

In addition, they also live with Tansy, a calico who spent the session hiding from me under the bed, and two bunnies. And soon they’ll have a 34 year old photographer who moves in as the “Cat Nanny.” So it’s a full house with an unbelievably high cute factor over there and I’m definitely jealous of how well everyone gets along. Also 100% jealous of Weston’s shoes, which I went home and immediately put on my Amazon wish list. What a good looking bunch!

Remember Amanda, Joe, Michael, Lucien, and Aria from this summer? Amanda was pregnant then, and the boys were so excited. They didn’t know if they’d have a new sister or brother, but they were cool with either, and just so excited to help their mom and dad. Amanda and Joe planned a home birth, and Michael was to announce the sex of the baby. But, as it often does, life got a little bit in the way: a bad house flood caused by a hot water tank that happened while they were on vacation put a damper on things, causing the family to have to live elsewhere during home repairs while 36-40 weeks pregnant. However, a family friend quickly and successfully fixed their home good as new (including beautiful new hardwood floors!) and Fiona, their new baby girl, was born on September 15th successfully at home on the morning of Hurricane Florence. Michael was indeed able to announce to everyone that they had a new little sister, and now another girl joins the ranks of the household, evening up the numbers to 3 girls and 3 boys (yes, of course I am counting Aria the Husky as a member of the family). So happy for all of them! It was so fun to document them again. They’re such a tight knit group, and the boys are obsessed with their little sister! We had a great time taking some updated shots around the house (Amanda was especially interested in documenting the family dynamics pre and post new baby), and then walking along the beautiful greenway near their home where Amanda, a super talented photographer herself, often likes to shoot. Such a great time working with this fabulous family again!

Amanda and I have been internet friends for some time, and I was so incredibly honored to photograph her family for her. She is an incredibly talented birth photographer operating as Raleigh Birth Photography. And seriously, if you want your birth photographed, she’s your girl. She’s also a wonderful human being, loving wife to Joe, and fantastic mother to two boys. Our job was to capture Amanda, Joe, Michael, and Lucien as the family of four that they are now, because a new baby is on the way shortly! Then in November, we’ll be back to photograph the new family of five. Amanda told me that she thinks there’s something so interesting about seeing how family dynamics change as a new member is added, and I couldn’t agree more. I can’t wait to see what happens in November! Michael and Lucien are THRILLED about this baby. Like, way, way, way, way excited. They talk to the baby, kiss the baby, discuss the baby, and are plenty prepared to help their parents when baby arrives. They are planning a homebirth and Michael’s job is to tell his parents whether it’s a boy or a girl, and he’s seriously stoked about this responsibility.

When not planning for baby, Michael and Lucien enjoy roughhousing with Joe (who is a great dad wrestler!), playing with Legos, putting on capes, and interrupting any quiet portrait moments between their folks. They also enjoy water fights (which I believe Amanda won, given that she’s pregnant so is the one holding the hose, and therefore has the most firepower) and popsicles. The boys also put sugar on their french toast, which is a tradition from Amanda’s side of the family. This family is also home to the WORLD’S CUTEST DOG named Aria (who really wants to eat said french toast). And while she definitely looks straight-up Dire Wolf, she was named before Game of Thrones, and spells her name a little differently. ;) She is the tiniest Husky I have ever met, and I want to hug her forever and ever and never stop. She is a little fuzzy old lady and I don’t think I’ve ever met anything as cute. She enjoys belly rubs and pets and is very patient. Super excited to rejoin this adorable crew in November to meet their newest member (and to hug their dog again).