Let this be an incredible example of how having the super giggles in your picture can work in your favor. Whether you’re nervous, cold, had a few shots before the session, or just plain giggly… it really makes everything better. Trust me – I know that some of the poses we put you in can be awkward, but they’ll only look awkward if you can’t shake off your tenseness… and there’s only so many cheesy jokes I can tell. ;) I also know that it’s awkward having a camera shoved in your face by someone you barely know, but try try try not to take it too seriously. It’s funny! The whole situation is kind of ridiculous. So have the giggles… it makes everything better. :)

Our wonderfully giggly girl here is Kelsey and her sharply dressed guy is Drew. Kelsey is a pediatric nurse at Duke and Drew is in the Navy Reserve. Joining them is their fantasticly happy dog, Miley…goofy and wonderful as can be. Interesting location story! Kelsey and Drew like baseball. They wanted to do their session at the Durham Bulls stadium, but the owners typically don’t let you do full sessions there or allow you to go on the field unless you have an insider. So we tried the old Durham Bulls stadium, but they were having practice that night, and then an event. So I’d been e-mailing Kelsey and Drew back and forth… and thinking… and we weren’t sure about what to do. Conveniently, Geoff had a baseball game that I attended a week or so later. He’s the catcher for the Wake Blue Sox… an adult team in the area. Where’s the game? Oh, just some guy’s random baseball field behind his house.


So I went to his baseball game, saw this guy’s baseball field and the area surrounded it, and e-mailed Kelsey the next day. :) Thankfully, the owner was gracious enough to let us shoot on the field and the yard since Geoff plays baseball against their team, and it was awesome!!! Geoff wasn’t able to accompany me to this session, but was super happy with what I did when he saw it afterward… except for Kelsey and Drew’s Red Sox allegiance, anyway (Geoff’s a Yankees fan). ;) But I say, with a couple as super sweet and kind as Kelsey and Drew, they can be Red Sox fans any day! Also, don’t look too close or you might notice the name Geoff Brown on the baseball equipment. :P