It is a JOY to be reunited with the one, the only – Bread Boy and his family! If you don’t remember Bread Boy, he’s been on the front page of my website for some time – joyfully holding up an enormous stack of bread. I had never seen a toddler so excited. I feel like Bread Boy’s values live in all of us: a sincere love of carbs that exists outside the confines of time and space. I was very excited to see Bread Boy again after all this time and to photograph a recreation portrait of him and his bread stack, and let me tell you, he was just as delightful as he was a few years ago, and just as excited about bread. And the best part? He has three younger brothers who he’s training to also love bread. Okay, so the baby can’t eat bread yet, but the other two can, and I’d say that Bread Boy has some competition. What a delightful little crew of kids. They’re all so friendly, so polite, so good at rescuing bugs from the dangers of trampolines, and so quick to share the vegetables they’ve grown in their garden. It was so wonderful to photograph these boys in their home, surrounded by bread, of course.