It is a JOY to be reunited with the one, the only – Bread Boy and his family! If you don’t remember Bread Boy, he’s been on the front page of my website for some time – joyfully holding up an enormous stack of bread. I had never seen a toddler so excited. I feel like Bread Boy’s values live in all of us: a sincere love of carbs that exists outside the confines of time and space. I was very excited to see Bread Boy again after all this time and to photograph a recreation portrait of him and his bread stack, and let me tell you, he was just as delightful as he was a few years ago, and just as excited about bread. And the best part? He has three younger brothers who he’s training to also love bread. Okay, so the baby can’t eat bread yet, but the other two can, and I’d say that Bread Boy has some competition. What a delightful little crew of kids. They’re all so friendly, so polite, so good at rescuing bugs from the dangers of trampolines, and so quick to share the vegetables they’ve grown in their garden. It was so wonderful to photograph these boys in their home, surrounded by bread, of course.

It’s been a hot pandemic minute since I reunited with the lovely humans that are Beth and Darrin! Last time I photographed them, they were accompanied by Willow the Sweet and Fearful (hound?) and Rooney the Cutest Dog Butt (fluff). I’m so happy to say that Willow and Rooney are still doing wonderfully and once again joined us for this shoot! Only this time we took photographs at home, so we were also joined by Maeby the Beautiful and Skeptical (cat) and Beth and Darrin’s joyful and active little boy. His favorite activity involved LOTS of jumping off the bed while giving a high-five in mid air and then landing in a giant pile of pillows only to cover himself up and pretend he wasn’t there to make his parents find him. Second favorite activity was running laps around the kitchen and giving people high-fives as he went. As you can tell, high-fives are a staple in this house (and cheddar bunnies). It was so fun to photograph these creative and wonderful humans and their sweet animals and I’m now inspired to paint some of my own garden rocks.


It is wonderful photographing people you haven’t seen in a while, especially when those people have had two children since the last time you saw them, and those two children really love your branding even though they’ve never met you or used your services, and they’ve placed your stickers all over their house. I’ve come equipped to recent sessions with two stickers: my current branding with the two fruit bats, and my old “vintage” branding that depicts two classic Halloween bats in front of a moon. Eloise and Thomas, the children of Crystal and Jason, had already placed their parents’ vintage stickers around the house. So when I tried to give another one of these to Eloise, she seemed disappointed and said, “Oh…. yeah… we already have that one,” but she was excited about the new fruit bats. But by the end of the session, Eloise had changed her tune and was suddenly requesting “four more stickers – two for me, and two for my little brother” – one of each branding design. I diligently obliged and then went back to talking to Crystal about something. When I turned around a few seconds later, I discovered both to my delight and horror that Eloise had placed all four stickers in prominent positions on her parents’ vehicles. I think I ran around stammering “I’m so sorry” repeatedly while photographing my new moving billboards with my phone. Thankfully Crystal and Jason are good sports and are okay with accidentally advertising for me for the remainder of the lifespan of their cars (or until they get some Goo Gone, whichever comes first) because they are delightful. Their children are delightful – intelligent, thoughtful, smiley little creatures. And their dog Atlas is DELIGHTFUL. All caps. Love this good old boy. Sorry about the stickers everyone, but I do smile when I go to bed at night knowing that the bats are driving around town.