This child! It’s my third wonderful time photographing Sara and Jackson but my first time photographing their son who is a well known child-model-turned-boy-band-member. Okay, so he’s not a well known child-model-turned-boy-band-member. But he’s definitely striving to be. White tux (check). Dramatic swoop of blonde hair across the forehead (check). Phoenix Sun basketball shoes (check). Mardi Gras beads that he put on himself (check). Zoolander facial expressions (check). Pointing directly into the camera without prompting (check). Someone give this boy a contract, he is clearly ready to sign autographs to his throngs of fans and I’ll be the first in line. All of his poses below are completely his own trademark runway creations. There was no posing involved from any adult – he just did his own thing and we all gasped and applauded. What a dude. When not actively modeling (which is not very often), he loves cars and hugging his stuffed animals and headbanging to the Presidents of the United States of America’s lead singer’s side project Caspar Babypants.

It’s been a hot pandemic minute since I reunited with the lovely humans that are Beth and Darrin! Last time I photographed them, they were accompanied by Willow the Sweet and Fearful (hound?) and Rooney the Cutest Dog Butt (fluff). I’m so happy to say that Willow and Rooney are still doing wonderfully and once again joined us for this shoot! Only this time we took photographs at home, so we were also joined by Maeby the Beautiful and Skeptical (cat) and Beth and Darrin’s joyful and active little boy. His favorite activity involved LOTS of jumping off the bed while giving a high-five in mid air and then landing in a giant pile of pillows only to cover himself up and pretend he wasn’t there to make his parents find him. Second favorite activity was running laps around the kitchen and giving people high-fives as he went. As you can tell, high-fives are a staple in this house (and cheddar bunnies). It was so fun to photograph these creative and wonderful humans and their sweet animals and I’m now inspired to paint some of my own garden rocks.

I’ve known Madison and Tyler for many years through Janice at Big Dog Little Bed and have photographed Tyler a few times for his videographer work there. But this was my first time photographing Madison and Tyler not only has a couple, but as parents to their sweet little boy River. River is SO CUTE and also VERY COOPERATIVE AS A BABY MODEL and also LOVES TO SHOVE SWEET POTATOES IN HIS FACE. He’s fun. He smiles a ton. We taught him how to play a tambourine. He did some swing dancing. He hung out on a backyard hammock. River’s living his best baby life over there. And who can forget Margie the Dog? I painted a portrait of Margie once for my Familiar Dolls side business along with her brother Vernon, and while Vernon is unfortunately no longer with us, Margie is thrilled to have River around. She is an incredibly sweet pup who loves attention and cuddles and insisted that I take at least 5 minutes out of my working schedule to sit with her on the couch (I did). Really she insisted on more than 5 minutes but I had to work and she’s still not over it. We had such a good time together in their beaaaautiful home (that yard!). And now that Geoff’s joined Tyler’s baseball team, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make up for lost Margie time.