A little ditty… ’bout JEFF AND DIANEEEE (sorry guys, I had to. It pops in my mind every time I think of either one of you.) We became friends with Jeff and Diane through our other friends Beth and David! We knew them from little get togethers and what not, and then spent a week with them in St. John when Beth and David got married. We got sunburned and drank some tasty tropical drinks and played board games and hung out in hot tubs and gave zero $&#*s. And for those of you who hear my often-repeated warning story about how you should always wear a lifejacket when you snorkel, this is the “other Jeff” who was snorkeling with Geoff and me during my near-death experience! Besides being good at tropical vacationing, Jeff is really, really good at identifying lots of obscure bands and beer, and Diane is really, really good at making crafts and cookies. She can sew like a crazy woman, and her skills are much admired far and wide. Then we went to their house to meet their daughter Cora, and found out that all of Diane’s family can sew like crazy women and are ALL really, really good at crafts. Cora, while absolutely adorable in every possible way, is not good at sewing yet because she’s not even two and you shouldn’t given needles to toddlers. She is, however, really good at swings, riding in wagons, and applying sprinkles to cookies. It is Diane’s family tradition to go insane regarding the amount and variety of Christmas cookies they produce every year, and this year Cora participated happily with Diane’s sister and her kids (Toby the dog was also really happy about this because Cora’s fine motor skills are still developing so she drops a lot of food and Toby swoops in like the cutest little garbage disposal you’ve ever seen). We’re sure as she gets older that Cora will become most excellent at both crafts and craft beer, making both of her parents very proud.

Katy and Mike are friends of ours through Kelly+Danny and Beth+David and also through their love of little mousey critters and Halloween. They love Halloween as much as we do, but are better at scary movies, so now they’ve taken us under their wing to introduce us to strange new things. Lois, their daughter, is going to be very well versed in the strange and unusual, but is already quite knowledgeable at how to be freaking adorable. Look at those plaid pants! Also, I think she’s one of maybe 5 toddlers under 2 on the planet with a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds poster in her play room. Also – a badass Edgar Allen Poe pillow. We think that Lois has a 99.5% chance of turning out to be the coolest kid ever but she also has a 0.5% chance of teenage rebellion that would involve listening to only boy bands and watching a lot of CBS shows. The odds are clearly in her favor to be super cool, but she also ripped up a comic in front of our eyes and seemed pleased while doing so, so we’re unclear on her motives just yet. It is certain, however, that she loves space and space helmets, so if she turned out to watch a lot of CSI we could probably forgive her if she’s an astronaut. In the meantime her parents will continually coach her on how to have really good taste in everything while coaching us on movies we haven’t heard of but will undoubtably love. We’ll take the opportunity to hang out with wonderful people and to slowly but surely steal all of their furniture and decor while they aren’t looking and load it into our hatchback over a long enough period of time that they won’t notice.

At home with the Coreys.

We’ve been waiting for a family session like this to fall into our laps for a while now. We’ve even been approached by a few families asking for family portraits who have disappeared once  we’ve suggested how we’d prefer to shoot the session. :) So we were beyond thrilled (and honored!) when (amazing!) photographer Emily Corey e-mailed us and asked us to document her family in a come-to-our-house and photograph-us-hanging-around-on-a-Saturday-morning type of way. As she worded it: “a snapshot of life.” She was pregnant when she e-mailed us and wanted to wait until after the baby was born, so we’ve had it on the books, but we waited for a bit until the timing was right and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Meet the Coreys. They live in an awesome house and make chocolate chip pancakes on Saturdays and walk their dogs and graciously let us follow them around with cameras while they did all these things. There is an amazing and incredible amount of love and patience and kindness in this family and not one single tear was shed (except maybe for like ten minutes with the baby, but even then they were kind of like those baby cries where babies just scream but no actual tears come out).

So here is it. We are kind of addicted to this type of session now. Addicted. So much fun, so little pressure on the kids to act a certain way and pose a certain way (and they’re much more relaxed since they’re at home), and the parents aren’t stressed out because they’re just doing their thing. It’s probably one of the most chillaxed sessions we’ve been on. Feel the love!