This child! It’s my third wonderful time photographing Sara and Jackson but my first time photographing their son who is a well known child-model-turned-boy-band-member. Okay, so he’s not a well known child-model-turned-boy-band-member. But he’s definitely striving to be. White tux (check). Dramatic swoop of blonde hair across the forehead (check). Phoenix Sun basketball shoes (check). Mardi Gras beads that he put on himself (check). Zoolander facial expressions (check). Pointing directly into the camera without prompting (check). Someone give this boy a contract, he is clearly ready to sign autographs to his throngs of fans and I’ll be the first in line. All of his poses below are completely his own trademark runway creations. There was no posing involved from any adult – he just did his own thing and we all gasped and applauded. What a dude. When not actively modeling (which is not very often), he loves cars and hugging his stuffed animals and headbanging to the Presidents of the United States of America’s lead singer’s side project Caspar Babypants.

When I was charged with photographing this super sweet family, I was warned that the kids were fast. Like, super fast. I’m pretty used to fast kids but CAITI WAS RIGHT, THEY WERE SO FAST. Particularly Max, who was like photographing a bird, and sometimes he was in the frame and sometimes just kind of blurrily passing through it. But I adore photographing speedy children – they add a quality of movement and spontaneity that’s the whole reason I love photographing families. Max, the super fast older brother, lives at home with his chill, kind parents Caiti and Lou and his younger brother Leo. Leo is an adorable, adorable, adorable little mane of crazy blonde hair and a bit of a mischievous smile. Max is friendly, silly, and clearly destined for track and field. Together the brothers love having fun together. They play with trains, attempt to pet the cats (Monkey and Business… amazing cat names), play on their jungle gym in the backyard, and throw rocks in the creek. They warmed up to photos quickly and I’m fairly certain they’ll be excellent Carolyn Scott Photography interns in the future.