Beth+Darrin // Durham Family Photographer

It’s been a hot pandemic minute since I reunited with the lovely humans that are Beth and Darrin! Last time I photographed them, they were accompanied by Willow the Sweet and Fearful (hound?) and Rooney the Cutest Dog Butt (fluff). I’m so happy to say that Willow and Rooney are still doing wonderfully and once again joined us for this shoot! Only this time we took photographs at home, so we were also joined by Maeby the Beautiful and Skeptical (cat) and Beth and Darrin’s joyful and active little boy. His favorite activity involved LOTS of jumping off the bed while giving a high-five in mid air and then landing in a giant pile of pillows only to cover himself up and pretend he wasn’t there to make his parents find him. Second favorite activity was running laps around the kitchen and giving people high-fives as he went. As you can tell, high-fives are a staple in this house (and cheddar bunnies). It was so fun to photograph these creative and wonderful humans and their sweet animals and I’m now inspired to paint some of my own garden rocks.


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