Dr. Paula Kline and Dr. Jackie Camp are longtime friends, psychologists, and business partners that run an adult psychology private practice together in Raleigh, NC. Their clients are extremely important to them and they want them to feel as comfortable as possible, so we wanted to do a branding session that would present a friendly, authentic feel and showcase their family relationships. Paula and Jackie are extremely close, almost like sisters, and their families work and play together all the time. And since we wanted this session to be more play than work, we did the combined family-branding shoot at Pullen Park, which was such a great idea! We did some headshots and some family portraits and watched some ducks and sketched some superheroes and blew some bubbles on a lovely 60 degree winter day (then we stopped by their office after hours to take some office shots). Jackie and Seth’s daughter Hazel did some hilarious giggling and tiger roaring, and Paula and Aaron’s daughter Sydney did some amazing art sketches and talked to me about her pin jacket collection (which I loved!). These families love each other so much and it’s evident by their interactions, and I’m so happy I got to take their branding photos to show that to their clients.