birds. wait, what?

so if you’ve been reading this for any length of time you know that sometimes i can post about really (really) random stuff. this is mainly due to the fact that i no longer have a flickr account on which i used to post my totally random thoughts… so they’re all being put on here. :) yesterday was trash the dress, today is birds.

why birds? why not. i’ve started the excruciatingly slow process of cataloging and backing up all of my photography. we’re working on getting me multiple hard drives that back each other up, but until then i’m not taking any chances. in the process i’ve come across a lot of photographs i’ve taken over the past couple of years in lots of different places with lots of different (and older) cameras. while i was doing this i came across a couple sweet bird pictures. no, it has nothing to do with anything, but rest assured that if you include birds in your wedding then i’ve got you covered. :P


coney island, new york.


national aviary, pittsburgh, pa.


national aviary, pittsburgh, pa.


cape hatteras, north carolina.


national aviary, pittsburgh, pa.